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Welcome to TokyoCarZ, We have been exporting Used Car from Japanese car auction for over 8 years, to all over the world. Thank you for your visit and interest to buy a car from Japan. There are a few steps for you, to get Access to All Japanese Cars Auctions, Motorcycle Auctions, and local dealer stock. We totally understand your concerns and doubts about purchasing a car online. Don’t worry we are professionals with huge experience. Thanks to our wide and long-term partnership with transportations companies, shipping companies, and clearing agents all over the world, makes your purchase easy, fast, and safe.

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Stock List

Technical Requirements and restrictions

in order to import car from Japan to New-Zealand, vehicles must meet up technical requirements, with the emission standards described by the New-Zealand goverment as pertheir class. Cars that meet these requirements mostly produced from 2006 onward.

To pass compliance in New-Zealand following condition cars CAN NOT be imported to New-Zealand:

  • No vehicles with accident history are allowed.

  • Cars with tempared odometer are not allowed

  • Car with rust, corrosion, chassis damages on the body or frame are prohibited.

  • Vehicles with 2,000cc or higher engine capacity must have Electric Stability Control (ESC).

  • Airbag recall must be done if applicable at an extra cost of JPY 15,000.

  • Vehicles with 2 model codes require a Special Permission Approvement for imports

  • 20 Years old or older vehicles do not require ESC and 3 model codes, but the requirements remain

    • There is an exception for racing or non-road cars. Cars that will not be registered and use on public roads.

NOTE:- Before import car Japan to New-Zealand, it must pass JEVIC, Quarantine Service (MAF Biosecurity).

Import Car From Japan To New Zealand

Ports, Costs, Tax & Duties!

Shipping Destination Ports:

Ro-Ro Shipping available to Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttleton, Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson ports

Ro-Ro Shipping COST In NZD

Car Size MVTR Holder Individual
Under 20m3 1300.00 1,550.00
Over 20m3 ASK ASK
Heat Treatment 225.00 225.00

NOTE:- shipping & heat treatment costs paid to the shipping company directly in New Zealand, upon a car arrival..

Calculation Example

Let’s say you bought a car for ¥1,000,000 and want to ship to Auckland port, New Zealand.

Your invoice would look as follows:

Car price ¥ 1,000,000
Commission ¥ 120,000
Marine Insurance ¥ 5,000
In Total ¥ 1,245,000

NOTE:- Freight cost NZD 1550 paid in New Zealand.

Other Costs

Accident cars

For nonrunning car, none drivable cars 30,000 JPY – 70,000 JPY extra inland transportation cost may apply.

Negotiation fee

10,000 JPY; During the auction, a car may unsold. But there is still a chance to buy it via Negotiation. By the end of the actual auction day, we can apply for negotiation to any unsold car. No matter you BID on it or no.

Cancellation fee

80,000 JPY ( If you Won a car in the auction, you can cancel it within 1 hour); We CAN NOT cancel Cars bought via Negotiation or from Tender auctions!

Resell at the auction

Will cost about 150,000 JPY (auction fee, inland costs, paperwork etc) depend on car condition, location etc.

Late Payment

In 5 days after puchase you need to pay out the outstanding balance. 10,000 JPY charge d weekly for late payment.

Lowered Down Cars

Cars with lowered suspensions, low height for e.g. sports car etc. May be extra inland transportation charged

Oversized Vehicles

Trucks, Bus, etc. 30,000 JPY on the top of FOB may apply.