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How to Buy From Auction

Easy Steps to buy Car from Japan Auto Auction

Free access to over 100,000 Cars at Japan Cars Auction!!



Create an account in our system it takes few minutes and free of charge!



In order to start bidding, you are required to make a deposit of 150,000JPY or the equivalent of 1,500 USD. This deposit will be added to your account and discounted from you when we send you the final invoice.

Payments Details


Auctions run from Monday to Saturday and auction stock is constantly being updated. It’s best to check at least twice a day to make sure that you stay on top of what’s available. Look at the auctions and send us the Auction Lot number of interesting units. We'll screen them and delete any problem cars. Good ones We'll translate the condition report into English and upload them to your account for bidding.


Make Bid for your Preferred Car

You can read over the reports and if you want to bid you enter your bid, which is the maximum that you want to bid on the car. We will then bid for you, up to that amount if necessary. If the car sells for less then you pay that lesser amount. If the bidding goes over your budget we stop and move onto your next target and you pay nothing.



Once you win an auction we pay for the car in full and issue you an invoice for the balance. As soon as we receive full payment, we ship the car.



The shipping cost depends on the destination port and the size of the car.


Receive Your Vehicle

Once you receive the documents, you can collect and register the vehicle in your country. A clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid. Complete the procedures and enjoy your New Vehicle.