Pre-purchase car inspection in the Japanese Used Car Auctions! 

Japanese used car auction car inspection

No more blind shots, you will know what are you bidding for! 

We provide: 

- Paint thickness check!

- Extra photos and Videos from the auction houses!

We can arrange an inspection from the most popular Auction houses like:

USS Tokyo, USS Nagoya, USS Yokohama, ZIP Tokyo, JAA etc.!

Moreover, we can arrange a car inspection of Japanese local dealers shop cars all over Japan! 





Half cuts, nose cuts, dismantling service!

Japanese used cars half cuts, nose cuts

If you need only parts of a car, we can make half-cut, nose cuts and dismantle the whole car.

You can take parts that you need.

Depends on the car parts we can put 20-25 cars into containers! 










Steering wheel switch!

Japan is a right-hand drive country, we can switch the steering wheel to the left. 

Recently, used car import regulations are getting strict in many countries for modified, damaged cars etc. We can install genuine parts, repair any damages at the professional any workshops upon your request! 










Odometer, mileage verification! 


Most customer's concerns are whether a car odometer shows genuine mileage.

Especially when the car doesn't have any service records.

We provide a JEVIC mileage certificate that confirms car mileage.