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Lancia Delta Evo I,  Just Sold to USA

The Nissan is finally on the road. It is wonderful and we love it. Cars like that are not available in the UK. Thanks for all your help and I will probably use your service to buy another one for my sister.   

                        Kind regards , Artur, UK Nissan Elgrand 

I am very thankful to you for your good customer services and support. I have the delivery of both vans. I received at right time as you have committed. 
Both vans are very good condition as you said. I will like to do the business with you again and also recommend to others. Thanks again,  Surinder, UK 

Hello ,

The Toyota Auris arrived very quickly and was delivered to the compliance
center the day after the ship arrived. I collected it the next working day.
As expected it was in good condition and only needed a set of new tyres and
one new shock absorber to pass inspection.

It was originally intended for my daughter, but my wife likes it so much
she took it instead. I will soon contact You again and look for another car
for my daughter. In the meantime my daughter has to drive my wife's old car.

Attached: A photo of the car taken at the beach at the end of our road.
Sorry it was not a sunny day.

Best Regards,
Val R.  New Zealand

Hi, I would like to say a big thank you to Makoto for being super helpful and crystal clear in everything from the start. He helped me source many rare BMW's and translated everything exactly to the point. I have made many purchases through Makoto and have never had a problem. Their fees are transparent and the whole buying process right to the point of shipping and documentation is perfect. It's very helpful that Makoto speaks fluent English and is a true gentleman. He has strived to answer my every question and has delivered results. I would not deal with anyone else. I really believe without Makoto I wouldn't have landed such lovely rare cars. Many thanks. 

Ata K, UK

Hi guys, 
Thank you for your assistance in buying a car from Japanese car auction. The whole process was well organized and I especially appreciate that the costs were visible from the beginning. I will be using your services in the future as well!

                               Best Regards, 

"I want to thank Makoto for almost five years of great service.
Buying cars and handling large sums of money requires a lot of trust to a partner.
When I started to build my Youngtimer Collection in 2011 by buying a Mercedes 560SEC at the Japanese Auctions, it was not my plan to build a collection. I was in the market for a 560 Coupe in Germany and seeing most of the low mileage cars in great condition were „from the far east“. So I decided to try it myself. After weeks of internet research, I decided to take the risk and sent 100.000Yen, close to 1000Euros at that time. Then the money for the car. Doing this for the first time with people you do not know is a strange feeling.
Everything went great and without complications. And the car really did arrive in Germany in a condition as promised. Meanwhile I have bought a dozen cars through them, because there always seems to be an attractive car that appeals to me at the auctions. I recommend to have the cars checked by their staff before bidding for a small fee, so there should not be any unwanted surprises. Right now I use this beautiful BMW 540i as a daily driver....straight out of Tokyo of course and as I write this a 1990 750i with only 49.000 documented kilometers is on the ocean heading to Bremerhaven and into my Cologne garage...."

Ralf H.

Hi Makoto, I received the car and it's great!! Thank you so much for all your help.
Mercedes-Benz 500SL Class 1986

Oliver, Germany

Makoto san,
Here are the photos of my J53 Jeep. As you can see I have now got it on the
road with license plates and warrant of fitness after it was tested by the
Automobile Association.
All rust has been cut out and repaired and new paint on the car, also a new
sun-top for summer driving. The process to buy the car at auction and ship
to New Zealand was made very easy with your help. Once the car was here it
took longer than I would have liked but there was repairs needed so that
took the time. I am very happy with the out come and will recommend You
to my friends and family.
Ososeirimasu Makoto

Andrew C, New Zealand

Good morning Makoto,

We have received the Minicab Miev. Thank you for your great service and support. I wanted to not say much until everything was complete and we had received the van before we thanked you. You are welcome to come and stay with us anytime and it was a real pleasure to do business with you and hope to do more in the future. Chin, my wife is enjoying driving it and has learned to like it.

I can't say enough good things about you and your company. It was perfect.

John and Chin, Australia

I want to thank you for your support in finding a good car from Japan! Everything went as planned and I was positively surprised how easy it was to purchase a car from the auction. I'm already looking for the next one!

                              Best Regards
                              Petri N., Finland

Hello Makoto, a big thanks to you and rest of the team, for helping with the purchase of the VW Golf. The whole process was surprisingly easy and we managed to get the car we wanted for the price we wanted.
We will definitely be using your services again.

                                Kind regards,
                                Scot G, New Zealand